Senior Night - Parent Info

We will do Senior night intros at 6:05 PM on Thursday. We have a lot of seniors, so we need to move through it as quickly as we can. We have about 10 minutes to get everyone done.

  • We need to have all senior parents gathered by 6 PM at the gate in the NW corner of the field by our maintenance shop.

  • We need everyone lined up by player number(smallest number first) by 6:05 PM. We will need the first group on the track where the goal line is and have the other groups socially distance behind them on the track.

  • We will begin introducing at 6:05 PM beginning with the cheerleaders. As each group hears themselves being introduced, they should begin walking down the track in front of the grandstand. They may stop at about the first 20 yard line for a brief photo, then continue moving down the track all the way to the opposite goal line. Each group should stop 5 yards away from each other (first group stops on opposite goal line, next groups stops at 5 yd line, next at 10 yd. line, etc.).

  • As soon as each group has their photo taken by Lyle, we will introduce the next group.

  • Intros will be limited to the name of the athlete, the names of their parents, and a brief statement about what the athlete will be doing after graduation. I will be taking this info from what you all have gotten me for the Facebook posts.

Jim Barrett

Legacy Football

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